21st April 2021
Vorteile von Ausfallschritten - lunge benefits - EVO Fitness

6 lunge benefits and why they should be on your workout

When it comes to leg strength, we immediately think of squats. And with good reason. But if you’re neglecting the lunge, you’re missing out on some […]
19th April 2021
Ganzkörper Workout | Full-body Workout

Workout of the week: full-body workout for strength and mobility

FULL-BODY WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH & MOBILITY ALL LEVELS / full-body workout / 30 minutes Equipment: Kettlebells & elastic band The best workouts are simple yet effective. […]
14th April 2021
vernachlässigte Muskeln - neglected muscles - EVO Fitness

4 neglected muscles that need your attention

You’ve perfected the workout: your pecs, biceps, quads and all the other much-talked-about muscles. And yet you still hit that strength and sculpting plateau. Why? Chances […]
12th April 2021
Endurance workout | Ausdauer Workout

Workout of the week: 45-min strength and endurance workout

45-MIN STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / strength and endurance workout / 45 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells, BikeErg, box It took a lot of mental endurance […]
7th April 2021
Unteren Rucken | lower back | EVO Fitness

4 functional exercises to strengthen your lower back

The secret to strengthening your lower back? Don’t neglect your abs and glutes. They might not be the obvious body parts to concentrate on if you’re […]
5th April 2021
Kettlebell workout - Angie Cavazos

Workout of the week: 35-min kettlebell workout for strength and power

35-MIN KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH AND POWER ALL LEVELS / kettlebell workout for strength / 35 minutes Equipment: Kettlebell Kettlebells are an excellent way to improve […]