20th January 2021
Cardio vor oder nach dem eigentlichen Workout - Cardio before or after workout - EVO Fitness

Million-dollar question: Cardio before or after workout?

Should you do your cardio before or after workout time? Like the most awkward Facebook relationship status of them all: it’s complicated. Some people slip in […]
18th January 2021
Functional Workout - Jakob Ritter

Workout of the week: 30-min functional workout for strength

30-MIN FUNCTIONAL WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH ALL LEVELS / functional workout for strength / 30 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells, kettlebell and gym mat. Finding the inner strength to […]
13th January 2021
Fitnessbranche - fitness industry - EVO Fitness

Did 2020 change the fitness industry for good?

“I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward” David Livingstone  The world is a different place but, here at EVO, we’re positive about the future of fitness.   Change […]
11th January 2021
Pilates Workout - Carolina Lüthi

Workout of the week: 30-min Pilates workout for strength and power

30-MIN PILATES WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH AND POWER ALL LEVELS / Pilates workout / strength and power / 30 minutes Equipment: Dumbbell and gym mat. As promised […]
6th January 2021
wie wichtig Sport ist - importance of exercising - EVO Fitness

How 2020 shed a new light on the importance of exercising

Collectively, we conquered mountains last year. Both our mental and physical health took a hit – as our inner and outer worlds were flipped on their […]
4th January 2021
Workout of the Week - HIIT Workout

Workout of the week: 30-min full-body HIIT workout

30-MIN FULL-BODY HIIT WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / HIIT workout / toning and shaping / 30 minutes Equipment: 2 kettlebells, TRX and Woodway treadmill New Year, new […]