12th April 2021
Endurance workout | Ausdauer Workout

Workout of the week: 45-min strength and endurance workout

45-MIN STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / strength and endurance workout / 45 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells, BikeErg, box It took a lot of mental endurance […]
7th April 2021
Unteren Rucken | lower back | EVO Fitness

4 functional exercises to strengthen your lower back

The secret to strengthening your lower back? Don’t neglect your abs and glutes. They might not be the obvious body parts to concentrate on if you’re […]
5th April 2021
Kettlebell workout - Angie Cavazos

Workout of the week: 35-min kettlebell workout for strength and power

35-MIN KETTLEBELL WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH AND POWER ALL LEVELS / kettlebell workout for strength / 35 minutes Equipment: Kettlebell Kettlebells are an excellent way to improve […]
31st March 2021
cross-training - EVO Fitness

5 Benefits of Cross-Training

Our bodies adapt to whatever stimulus we give them. If you spend all day sitting at a desk, your mobility, joint health and general fitness will […]
26th March 2021
Ganzkörper Dumbbell Workout | Full-body dumbbell workout

Workout of the week: full-body dumbbell workout

FULL-BODY DUMBBELL WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / full-body / dumbbell workout / 40 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells Dumbbells are usually associated with arm exercises. If you think about […]
24th March 2021
Gymnastikball-Übungen - swiss ball exercises - EVO Fitness

7 Swiss ball exercises to improve your posture

The Swiss ball, also known as a stability ball, gym ball or exercise ball, is a light and bouncy fitness tool often used in Functional Training. […]