21st July 2021

Tabata, EMOM & AMRAP: why you should do HIIT

Short-burst exercise isn’t only perfect for those short on time — it’s also a flawless match for those looking to add variety to their workouts. Like […]
19th July 2021
Functional Circuit Workout

Workout of the week: Functional circuit workout

FUNCTIONAL CIRCUIT WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / circuit workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat Any regular gym goer has at one point performed a circuit workout. These training […]
14th July 2021
Medizinball | Medicine Ball

Good medicine? The benefits of medicine ball training

Remember when you were a kid and you bounced rubber balls for fun? You still can. Medicine balls – those hefty, weighted balls you may have […]
12th July 2021
full-body HIIT workout

Workout of the week: 20-min full-body HIIT workout

20 MIN- FULL-BODY HIIT WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / full-body HIIT workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells & exercise mat High-intensity interval training — everyone knows it by […]
7th July 2021
how long should I workout

It’s a matter of time: how long should your workout at the gym be?

One question we get asked a lot at EVO is: “how long should I work out”? Of course, we’d all love to hear that five minutes […]
5th July 2021
functional cardio workout

Workout of the week: 10-min functional cardio workout

10-MIN FUNCTIONAL CARDIO WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / functional cardio workout / 10 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells, stopwatch & exercise mat There are countless ways to approach a […]