New App Login Experience

Important News For EVO Members

Important News For EVO Members

New EVOmove App Login

We have great news!

After listening to your comments and remarks about the not so user-friendly and intuitive login experience of our EVOmove App, we came up with a new and (hopefully) better solution!

On one of the following days you will get a notification from your EVOmove App that the login process has changed. We want to offer you a smooth and unified user experience and therefore from then on you will be able to log into the app with the same credentials you use to log in to MyEVO.

This also means that your old EVOmove App login credentials won’t work anymore.

If you should have any problems with the signing up, you can always contact us at or just talk with us directly at the club.


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The new login requires you to sign up with your login credentials from MyEVO:

  • The e-mail, which you used to sign up for EVO
  • The password, which you have for MyEVO

Your current app login credentials won’t work anymore.


If you don’t remember your password from MyEVO, you can request a new one and it will be sent to you be e-mail.

Be aware that if you change your password in the EVOmove App, it will also be changed for you login into MyEVO, and vice versa.

New App Login
New App Login